Zaldy Ampatuan asking to be a state witness

Zaldy Ampatuan one of the alleged Ampatuan family members that has conspired to to the Maguindanao massacre or the Mangudadatu massacre is asking the government to be a state witness against his brother and his father and even the late president Gloria macapagal arroyo.

The DOJ secratary De lima does not really want to grant him to be a state witness because to be a state witness, you must be one of the lesser accused and not one of the perpetrators, His evidence is old news according to De lima because there are already witness that can be used by the prosecution to strengthen this case.

Update: The lawyer of the victims of the massacre was shocked that the DILG secrtary Robredo is the one lobbying for Zaldy Ampatuan to be a state witness to the president. He also said in an DZMM interview why did a department secretary with no connection so ever adviced the president about this issue.

Opinion: I really do not agree that one of the biggest contributors to the massacre will be state witness. This is just like the Erap jueteng incident again. Back to the story, I can't believe that there is somebody near the president that is lobbying for the accused even if this is one of the promises of the current president. This might be a make or break to the credibility of the president. With his popularity going down, this might be the final nail in the coffin.

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