Noynoy november Youtube world view interview

Well they say this is the first time that youtube world view has interviewed someone in asia and the first being our president benigno aquino III. For those that does not know the youtube world view, it is a live streaming interview of a person which the questions is given by the viewers or users and not the interviewee. It is one of the stunts to let popular or powerful figures to get in touch with there constituents. Some of the people that has already been interviewed in youtube world view was James Cameron which is the the current british prime minister and Bono the front man of the rock band U2. Just like them, Noynoy aquino the philippine president will answer questions that was asked by viewers.

This pnoy november 4 youtube world view interview is already finished, there are some interesting facts and interesting answers given by noynoy aquino to the questions of the viewers.

From this noynoy youtube interview, He said that he will not go on an all out war with the terrorist which is the MILF. He also said in this video that the justice system does not need any reform, and just being charged is enough to say that the justice system is sound. There was also a question about the Rh bill. Noynoy said that he is not supporting it. He will support the responsible parenthood bill.

Their was also a planned incentives to families that will let their children go to school and get vaccinated. For a month of their children going into school and getting vaccinated, they will get a cash incentive but this plan is only for 2 million families. Some of his points about, island to island transportation, education, anti-corruption, green initative and such was already given by pnoy during his last Sona.

Anyway, here is the noynoy november 4 youtube world view interview video.

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