A fight that Marquez should have won

The third installment of the pacquiao vs marquez trilogy that Marquez should have won.

I can say I am an avid fan of pacquiao but because I also listen to reason and logic and not just an obsessed fan like most of my countrymen unfortunately, Marquez is the only fighter that can negate Pacquiao's massive volume punches and power. I can even say that not even Mayweather can stop Pacquiao. Marquez's style of fighting is to let the opponent hit him while taking chance on a counter punch which in his case counter combinations. This style have been mostly successful so far against other boxers while Pacquiao's style is blazing fast combinations, great footwork and ofcourse power behind those combinations. While this is super effective, it has its one flaw which is Marquez's style of fighting.

In this third pacquiao marquez fight, Pacquiao is the top dog because he has already been fighting in this weight and very comfortable on this weight unlike Marquez who gained weight for this fight and lost on the last time he tried it(with mayweather). I can see that Marquez is in top form this time with this weight gain.

In the pacquiao vs marquez 3 fight, Marquez even with low volume punches, have negated Pacquiao's fast combinations and power by back pedaling and doing counter punches. If you have watched the whole fight, you can see that even if Pacquiao is the  one who has done all the offense, those offenses hit him harder than Marquez did because of those counters. In the whole fight, you can just count with your fingers or just your right hand on how many combinations Pacquiao have thrown that cleanly hit Marquez. The earlier rounds can be given as a draw but the middle rounds clearly showing that Marquez is controlling the fight with Pacquiao getting enticed to go inside and taking a hit almost all the time. The last 3 rounds is clearly for pacquiao but it is only on these 3 rounds that Pacquiao has clearly won a round.

The november 13 pacquiao marquez 3 fight should have been won by marquez because of negating pacquiao's speed and power and taking control of the whole fight. I can see that the fight is so close but I always say that the one who controls the flow of the fight wins the fight. Clearly Marquez should have won or should have been a draw but not a win for Pacquiao.

As the third fight is so controversial, can we say quadrilogy?

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