My opinion on Sara Duterte punching a sheriff

This is a continuation with one of my post about the Davao City Mayour Sara Duterte punching a sheriff.

I always believe that those who are on office or those who are working or elected in the government must be a role model for all his constituents or for all the people on that country. Punching someone on the face is not a way to act in public with or without the camera shooting it. Asking your bodyguards to restrain the running sherriff then pointing your finger in his face is outmost demeaning to the man and you are acting as a barbarian with power in public.

The sheriff which is just there to give the order of the demolition, is left powerleft while Sara Duterte's bodyguards restraining him to run or even defend himself.

Why do we elect people that is so consumed with power that they believe they can do anything they like. We are not sympathetic when some young actress is pregnant because that is her "fault" but sympathetic to the Davao Mayor even if she punched an helpless man on the face.

Now I know what I will do with people that I have a disagreements with, punch them in the face then call people to restrain him while I hammer him with words and fingers. A sad day for the philippines. It's already the 21st century and our politicians are acting like little dictators.

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