Some opinions noynoy youtube interview

This is a follow up from my noynoy november 4 youtube interview post.

I was eagerly watching on what will noynoy our president say about the current problems and some plans in the future. I was a little bit disappointed because some of his answers is almost identical on what he said during his last sona speech. And some just plain disspointing. Anyway, here are my opinions on some of noynoy's answers in some questions that came up during noynoy's youtube interview.

Overall, it revolves around anti-corruption. Most answers given by noynoy will suddenly go to the anti-corruption scenario especially his answer about jeepney as the main cause of pollution in the philippines. He relates anti-corruption with this question by saying that the smoke belching test was corrupt. Noynoy also said that the budget is enough but only hindered by corruption. Noynoy even said that we are underspending. Noynoy said in the youtube interview that the Philippines will purchase more military support vehicles, patrol boats, helicopters and 3-4 more of the hamilton class cutter ships.

But here are the major questions that everyone wants to hear what is noynoy's stand on this situations.

When asked about the mindanao situation, noynoy said that he will not go on an all out war. He will go to the root cause of the problem which is hunger and education. I am disappointed about this one because there would be no infrastructure like school buildings if war is just around the corner. The terrorist groups keeps on attacking even if there is an imposed peace treaty between them and the government. As history goes, we cannot let the terrorist shape our future and hinder the improvement of Mindanao by just standing idly by not doing anything about it. I am afraid that in the new future, MILF will get so strong that it will be a treat to the whole country and not just parts of mindanao.

When asked about the RH bill, noynoy didn't say that he does not support it but he said that he supports the responsible parenthood bill more than the RH bill because it gives people the choice on what to do and not force them to do it. From my perspective, there are already bills just like the responsible parenthood bill but no bills like the RH bill. So in a way, it will just be a failed bill, while the best solution the RH bill will just be left to dust or just be forgotten. I was a little bit disappointed that noynoy didn't take a firm stand on this RH bill issue. My guess is he does not want to aggrevate the church which is one of his biggest supporters.

When asked about the extrajudicial killings and fixing the flawed justice system, Noynoy said that the justice system is enough and is working. He also weirdly reiterated that just being charged for a crime but not convicted is enough and a proof that our justice system is working. I strongly disagree with this one. Only the rich can attain justice in this country and by noynoy's saying it is fixed or enough, he has trampled the efforts or the pain of the poor or the ones that cannot get any justice.

I am little bit glad that he mentioned in some parts of several answers to several questons about green energy or electic tricycle, buses and jeeps. And upgrading our transportation from island to island.

I was also disappointed that there is no question about the impending energy crisis that will happen in 2020 but a little bit glad that there are no questions about his lifestyle and love life.

Overall, Noynoy's concern is anti-corruption, education. and infrastructure. For me it is not enough, our nations ongoing security issues, not planning for the future will bite as back in the future.

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