noynoy's Sona: Wang Wang

Noynoy aquino held his 2nd state of the nation address july 25. His Sona starts with using the wang wang initiative last year. Where no politicians will use the sirens on the streets. He relates that wang wang mentality to corrupt people in the government and relating wang wang to the state of mind of the people that politicians abusing their power.

It is a little bit forced to use the wang wang or sirens to relate his initiative to stop corruption and to make politicians accountable to the people but he used it anyway. Using the term "wang wang" for more than 20 times.

His speech does not contain his plans in the future but more of what he did in this past year and some revelations of corruption in the government. I really liked his part of the speech with pagcor's 1 billion peso coffee.

I also like the part where he will push our plight with spratley islands in the UN which should have been done decades before but buying one hamilton class ship is not to be proud off when you consider the thousands of ships against you.

Here is a picture of a hamilton class ship which from the looks of it is the only role is to navigate the seas and be a lookout.

And the appointment of retired supreme court associate Conchita Carpio-morales as the new ombudsman which is supported by his secretaries but not all of his allies especially in the senate and the lower house.

Here is a picture of thew new ambassador Conchita Carpio-morales

Even if most of the public do not know the moody's rating and its upgrading of our rating, this means that foreign investors are assured that the government will work with them and not against them. The rating with the anti-trafficking means we can have new grants from the US.

I always believe in Noynoy to be better than other presidential in our last presidential election but I somewhat disappointed that I didn't hear any plans for the future but somewhat a guarantee that he will try to stop corruption in our government even trying to warn his allies of former wrong doings.

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