Rumor: Azkals members accused of rape

There are rumors going around the interned that Several members of the Philippine national footbal team the Azkals was supposedly accused of raping a girl in the house of the team manager of Azkals which is Dan Palami. The alleged members are Jason Sabio,Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario and Simon Greatwich.

The incident happened when the suspected Azkals members are on a bar and when a girl willingly accepted an invitation to the house of Dan Palami which is used as a halfway house for foreign Azkal members that still has no house in the Philippines. The girl supposedly already filed charges against the Azkals members.

Update: Paul Weiler a former instructor of the Azkals was the one that exposed this story in the internet especially in blogs. There was also a supposed video of the alleged crime that one of the accused Azkal members was supposedly took in the act of the crime.

Opinion: While this story may be damaging if true, the internet is full of this stories which can be just a made up story of someone who is just jealous of the popularity of the Azkal members or just want to be an instant celebrity in the internet. There has been reports of a name of the alleged victim of this crime but we still don't know if this Azkal rape rumor is true unless that victim reveals her story in the media or if there are really charges filed against the Azkals which can be easily done by reading the records of the court.

I just hope that this story is not true because it is damaging to the credibility of the Azkal members and if true, really damaging to the supposed victim.

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