Sharon cuneta given 1 billion to go TV5

Sharon Cuneta was supposedly given a 1 billion contract by TV5 to go sign with them. Sharon cuneta has neither confirmed nor denied that she was given a 1 billion pesos contract by TV5 but on one interview, she used words that can mean TV5 has given her 1 billion pesos or a substantial amount for her signing with TV5. The sharon cuneta 1 billion pesos contract was for 5 years with tv shows and sit-comes and other shows yet unspecified.

When asked if people say that he is not loyal with abs-cbn which is her first Tv network, she has said that 23 years of her life was with abs-cbn which means that loyalty was given due. And 23 years was half of her life that said enough about her loyalty.

If the 23 years is correct and she is now 48, then that loyalty is really not a question here but the suddeny signing and her denying that he will sign with TV5 is why people question her loyalty. 1 billion pesos for 5 years is extremely high even for businessmen in the country. That is 200 million a year for the 5 year TV contract. And if you convert 1 billion pesos to us dollars(43 php to 1 usd), then it will be 23 million US dollars. The only other showbiz personality with this very high contract is Willie revillame which has also signed with TV5. Willie supposedly was given 5 million pesos per taping. And his only show is on air for 6 days a week or even 7 days a week. 312 days(minus sundays no holidays) X 5 million which is 1 billion 516 million pesos a year.

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