Gloria arroyo renting the St lukes room for 50 thousand pesos a day

Gloria arroyo which is now in hospital arrest was supposedly renting a room in St. lukes taguig for 50 thousand pesos a day. St lukes has confirmed that there is a hospital room that is costing 50 thousand pesos a day which is their suite room but St. lukes has not confirmed if gloria arroyo is renting out that room.

If my belief is correct, Gloria arroyo is renting a room in St lukes for more than 20 days now. She has been in the hospital since October if i can remember correctly which means that if the 20 days is correct, she has now spend more or less 1 million pesos on the room alone. If you add the cost they have spend for the supreme court for their TRO which is 2 million pesos, they have spend more than 3 million pesos in just less than a month. I didn't even include the 3 times they have booked a flight.

I just hope that she is not spending the public or the people's money as she is still a house representative with a pork barrel.

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