Kuwait against philippine azkals, azkals became asocena

Philippine football team called azkals was eaten alive in the field against the kuwait football team to 0-3 hence the term asocena. For those who didn't know asocena is a dog meat dish which I hate because I am a dog lover but the term really describes what happened in the football field.

The Philippine football team Azkals was beaten so bad that they somehow look like amateurs in the football field. The during the first early minutes of the game, you can see the difference in skill with the two teams. You can see the excellent footwork, skill, and team play of the kuwait team while the philippine football team Azkals are desperate on matching them on the field. The first goal of the kuwait team shows the lackluster defense of the Azkals that 2 men are just standing while one was easily evaded so the kuwait given a open look at the goal. After the 2nd goal, the philippine Azkals members show no effort on going to the counter-attack and even their defense has diminished. The 3rd goal just like the first goal shows weak defence and even a weaker counter offensive making this football match a one sided kicking match in the last minutes of the game.

A sad day for the Philippines indeed. Next match would be in the Philippines and the Azkals need 4-0 to win or 3-0 to tie with this leg.

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