Cool pinoy rock legends red horse advertisement

Cool pinoy red horse beer commercial with local rock and roll legends. Well I can only name two of them and they are one of the few local rock band artist that I adore which is Pepe smith and Ely buendia.  Pepe Smith was the vocalist of a late 60's rock band called juan dela cruz band and Ely Buendia is the vocalist of a very popular mid 90's to early 2000 rock band called Eraserheads.

When everyone was listening to n'sync, backstreet boys and other pop bands, I am listening to local bands like eraserheads. I guess my parents were the one that influenced me because they always listen to old/current local songs when I was young like yano, sampaguita, hotdogs, VST and company, Eraserheads among others(hmm as a eraserheads fan, I might as well write a post just for them in the near future or after this post LOL.)

I don't know the other artist in this video but I have some clue what bands they are in but I am not too sure. Can anyone comment about the names and the band so I can write it here?

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