Mon Tulfo Vs Raymart Santaiago and Claudine Barreto Brawl Continues

Mon Tulfo Vs Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barreto Brawl at Naia Airport

The brawl in the Naia airport is one of the top talked news in the Philippines this past week. The Incident started when Mon tulfo started taking videos of Claudine Barreto shouting at some airport employee about her lose baggage. The information is still fuzzy on who really started the fight but the first thing that happened is an interview of Raymart and claudine on what happened. In that said interview, Raymart and Claudine told the interviewers that Mon tulfo started it all and Mon Tulfo kicked and pushed Claudine and Raymart just came to the rescue. Here is the video of that interview.

In that interview, Raymart is saying that they are the victims and Mon Tulfo was the assailant. There are also some talks about some charges being filed against Tulfo. But there was suddenly a short video of a brawl which looks like Mon Tulfo is the victim while Raymart, Claudine and somebody in a pink shirt is the one punching and kicking the already battered Mon Tulfo while he is sitting on the floor. The video of the raymart, claudine, mon tulfo brawl in Naia.

The people are siding with Mon tulfo because of the video, and the lies of Claudine Barreto that she was the one first kicked or punched by Mon Tulfo which is not in the case of the video.

While in my opinion, I still cannot choose a side because there was really not that much information to begin with and what we have are conflicting stories on both sides and a small video clip of a fight which looks like Raymart, Claudine and the pink shirt guy is the assailant. Unfortunately, there was no CCTV videos because Naia is saying that it is broken. I guess this is another reason why Naia is one of the worst airports in the world.

Update: Raymart and Claudine aside from filing assault and other related charges will also file child abuse because they said that the kids was traumatized with the whole incident. In my opinion, this is not a good move when all Filipino people thinks that they are the "evil" one.

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