Full video of Panamanian Eric Schks and Pamela CCTV video, new updates and rumors

Full CCTV video of the accused rapist Panamanian diplomat Eric Schks and Pamela the rape victim and new updates like her real name and some rumors about her case.

Here is the full uncensored CCTV video of the Panamanian diplomat Erick Schks and Pamela the rape victim. The CCTV video are cut into 4 videos. The CCTV video was split into 4 videos because there are of different feeds and time. 2 of the videos are from the lobby CCTV and the other two videos are from the elevator. This videos will give more story than what came out in televisions because it will show you the whole picture and not bits and pieces.

In the first video, we would see Pamela and Eric Schks in a lobby of a hotel side by side and going in one direction.

In the second video, we see Eric Schks and Pamela going in the elevator and exiting it near the end of the video.

In the third video, we would see Pamela going inside the elevator alone to go to the hotel lobby.

In the last video, we would see Pamela talking to a man behind the desk and getting some sort of piece of paper. I presume a taxi slip or a car ticket.

Aside from this videos, There are rumors floating around in regards to Pamela. The rumors stated that Pamela's real name is Maria Thea Gonzales a student of some university. When I searched this name in Twitter And Facebook, I saw a picture of a girl that similarly resembles the girl in the video above but the facebook and twitter accounts seems fake which is hard to rely on. There are is also a rumor that Pamela and Eric Shcks have reach some sort of settlement(money) about the case. But the most damaging rumor about Pamela is that she is some sort of high class escort girl.

While I still believe that this are all just rumors unless we see some conclusive evidence that clearly shows that the rumors are true.

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