Panama diplomat Eric Barnails Schks and aka Pamela caught in CCTV

Panama diplomat Eric Barnails Schks and The supposed rape victim "Pamela" caught in a hotel's CCTV in the night of the accused rape.

For anyone that does not know this story, it first started when "Pamela" not her real name accused a Panama diplomat named Eric Schks of rape. The one thing that made this incident sensationalized is because of the supposed diplomatic immunity of Eric Schks because he is a diplomat working for Panama.

The news is turning into a one-sided fight against the Panamanian diplomat accused of rape but suddenly, there was this CCTV video of Pamela and Eric Schks walking to the elevator, Pamela leaning her head in Schk's shoulders and in turn kissed her.

Video of Panamanian diplomat and "pamela" CCTV

Eric shcks and pamela cctv pic

From the video, we will see that they have arrived at 11pm going 12am and we see that Pamela left the hotel around 12:40 am. While it is peculiar why some dame will go to somebody's hotel room in that hour with someone just met a few hours ago, I think we should not draw any conclusions because there is an undocumented or unknown event for more or less 40 minutes which could mean it was rape or consensual.

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