Chief Justice Renato Corona "nagwalk-out" after his speech in the impeachment court

Chief Justice Renato Corona walked-out after his speech while in the witness stand in the impeachment court.
Chief Justice Renato C. Corona suddenly walked-out after his detailed 3 hours speech in the impeachment court. Even his Defense lawyers was shocked to see Renato Corona suddenly stand up whisper the phrase: "I am the chief justice. May I be excused" and suddenly stormed out in the plenary hall or the room where they held the impeachment court. Juan ponce Enrile which is the presiding officer of the Impeachment court ordered the seargent of arms to close of all the exit of the senate building. While Corona is walking down the stairs and found out that the doors and gates was closed and hurried backed to the senate lounge. And after an hour of his lawyers panicking and walking towards that senate lounge, we see Chief justice Corona in a wheelchair being usherd to the Senate Clinic. He stayed in the Clinic for a few minutes then proceeded back to the plenary hall. The defense explained that he was hypoglycemic that is why he was in a hurry to go out.

With that explanation, Juan Ponce Enrile seems a little bit angered and told the Defense that if he does not want to be cross-examined, the speech he just made will be crossed out of the records and the will proceed to resolute the case. Cuevas the main defense lawyer of Corona apologized and told Juan Ponce Enrile that he is just sick and he didn't intend to not be cross-examined but Cuevas said that if he is willing or okay about it he will go back to the plenary hall to be examined. Juan Ponce Enrile angrily said that what if he is not okay or not willing and ordered the defense and Chief Justice Corona until tommorow to explain himself and if he didn't his speech will be crossed out from the records and they will proceed on how they will resolve the case without Corona having any more chances to prove himself innocent or give more evidence.

The Speech he talked about explained that he has only 4 accounts but not detailing how much was in it or if the dollars account was included on those 4 accounts. He also said that his wife is the rightful owner of the Basa-Guidote enterprise and Jose Basa was jobless and just wants to sell all of the companies assets for his personal gain.

In the end, he was seen with a waiver and in that waiver, it is said that he will waived all his rights about his bank accounts and his dollar accounts. But suddenly, there was a condition. He will only give the waiver if all the 188 congressman who signed the to impeach him and Senator Franklin Drilon to also waive their rights. And after that speech, he stormed or walked out.

Update: Video of Renato Corona Walking out

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