Manny Pacquiao Starring in a Hollywood Movie called Brass Knuckles

Manny Pacquiao having a role in an up and coming hollywood action movie called brass knuckles.

Manny Pacquiao the filipino boxing superstar is set to have a role in a hollywood action movie called Brass Knuckles. Brass Knuckles is an action movie about two thugs trying to make it big in their underground world. These two thugs has some unexpected trouble with some hitman and some more renowned thugs are after them.

Brass Knuckles is directed by Eric Geisler. Some of Eric Geisler's recent films are The Date Night, Big Stan, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Don't Mess With the Zohan. Some of the rumored cast are Benicio Del Toro popularly known for The Usual Suspects, Snatch and Traffic. Jacob Vargas is also rumored to be in the Brass Knuckles movie. His recent films are Death Race and Traffic.

It is confirmed that Manny Pacquiao will have a role in this movie because he has already signed a contract with the producers. But it is still unclear what role will be given to Manny Pacquiao but they said that it was a semi-minor role.

There will be talks on what role he will play after his fight against Bradley. Personally, I am a little bit excited because Pacquaio is not really known for his acting but he did starred in some local movies in the Philippines.

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