London 2012 Olympics Philippine TV schedule for July 29 2012

Full schedule of the London 2012 Olympics for july 29 2012.

As you might have already known, TV5 and its channel subsidiaries like Hyper, AksyonTV, AKTV and ofcourse TV5. What TV5 has done is to show full coverage of the olympics on different channels because some sports events do interlap in the same day so if they only show it on one channel, you will definitely miss one event if you watch this sport event.

I am really glad that TV5 has made an effort to show all olympics events and not just what is popular like basketball here in our country. Here is the Philippine schedule for London 2012 olympics TV live coverage.

You might also be interested that Olympic men's basketball games will start in july 29 too. Especially for fans of the US basketball dream team 2012 which will have their first match against france.

The US basketball team have some popular NBA players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Russel Westbrook, Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony.

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