Philippine TV Schedule for The Olympics Men's Basketball Games

Local Philippine TV schedule of the Olympics Men's basketball matches.
If you are residing in the Philippines and you crave some Olympics basketball games, the only allowed or official TV channel that will show live Olympics events is TV5 and its subsidiaries. Because the matches will interlap with local TV5 shows, All live Olympics Men's basketball will be shown in AKTV or channel 13(manila). There are at least 2 matches per day and future matches would be determined once we know who will vie for gold, silver or bronze.

Here are live local Philippine TV schedule for Olympics men's basketball. All will be shown live in AKTV(channel13) Live.

Aug. 1 - France vs Argentina 3am
Aug. 1- USA vs Tunisia 5am
Aug. 2 - France vs Lithuania 8pm
Aug. 3 - Brazil vs Russia 12am(midnight)
Aug. 3 - Spain vs Britain 3am
Aug. 3 - Nigeria vs USA 5am
Aug. 4 - Lithuania vs USA 9:30pm
Aug. 5 - China vs Brazil 11am
Aug. 6 - Britain vs China 11:30pm
Aug. 7 - Spain Brazil 3am
Aug. 7 - Argentina vs USA 5am

Would be updated for future matches.

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