Eleven Pinoys for the London 2012 Olympics

Only Eleven pinoys would compete for the gold and our country's honor in the London 2012 Olympics.

Unfortunately, Out of hundreds of Filipino Olympics aspirants, only 11 has been qualified to compete in the London 2012 Olympics. 11 is insignificant when you compare it with country's  such as the USA and China that have hundreds of people on their Olympics team. However with this 11 manned olympic team, all Filipinos around the world are hoping that we can get at least one gold in this upcoming Olympics when the last gold we have gotten was decades ago.

Here are the 11 Filipinos that will compete in the Olympics and their respective fields.

Brian Rosario - Skeet Shooting
Daniel Caluag- BMX
Jasmine Alkhadi - 100m Freestyle(swimming)
Mark Anthony Barriga - Light Flyweight(boxing)
Hidilyn Diaz - Weightlifting
Rene Herrera- 500m run(running)
Tomohiko Hoshina- Judo(martial arts)
Jessi Khing Lacuna- 200m Freestyle(running)'
Marestella Torres- Women's Long Jump
Mark Javier- Archery
Rachelle Anne Cabral - Archery

From the eleven people above, Daniel Caluag(BMX) and Mark Anthony Barriga(Boxing) will have a great chance on winning gold this year according to local sports experts.

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