King of Comedy Dolphy Suddenly passed away at age 83

King of comedy Dolphy suddenly passed away today july 12, 2012 8pm.Dolphy the most renown comedian in the Philippines suddenly passed away in his room at the makati medical center on july 12,2012 8:34pm.

There are still not that much information coming out but what reporters say and some his relatives is that he suddenly stopped breathing and confirmed dead just after. An medical update from Makati Medical Health said that multiple organ failure was his cause of death.

But before his sudden death, his family especially Eric Quizon was asking for prayers because his father was not in good health and was taken in a hospital. This happened last 1-2 months/ june or may. But just a few weeks ago Dolphy suddenly regained his health and breathing on his own without the need of a respirator. There was some talks that Dolphy was in already great health that he can already go out of the hospital but chose not to because he still needs rest.

Dolphy was diagnosed with Pneumonia and a severe form of lung disease 5 years ago.

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